BattleHaven – May 2022 (dates forthcoming)      

Want to embark on a quest you’ll never forget with just one or two of your best mates?

Want to have an epic adventure with your entire home gaming group?

Traveling solo, and looking forward to meeting new comrades within your favorite hobby?

Looking for a retreat experience that you and your partner will BOTH enjoy?  

We have created the perfect event for you, AND we offer payment plans to fit your budget. Check out our affordable all-inclusive packages. 

Space is Limited… Contact for information about how you can participate in the 2022 event.


Major's Suite

Relax in maximum comfort and style. Our premier Major Suite is a large, well-appointed room with a King-sized bed, sofa sleeper, and a private bath. Sleeps 1-3 people (Ticket includes up to 3 people)

Price : $2200 USD

Captain's Quarters

Our plush Captain’s Quarters boasts a large, rustically decorated room with a Queen-size bed, twin sofa sleeper, and a private bath. Sleeps 1-3 people. (Ticket includes up to 3 people)

Price : $2000 USD

1st Lieutenant

For you leaders traveling solo and rising through the ranks, our 1st Lieutenant Accommodations are for a queen-sized bed in shared quarters. Get to know other officers and enjoy the comradeship of a great team. (Accommodates 1 person)

Price : $1200 USD

2nd Lieutenant

For those officers traveling alone, building their reputations and wins, our 2nd Lieutenant Accommodations are for a comfortable single twin bunk bed in shared quarters. Enjoy the company of new comrades and opponents alike. (Accommodates 1 person)

Price : $1000 USD


Are you local to the area, and want to sleep in your own bed at night; or do you have other sleeping accommodations and just want to attend BattleHaven daily for the world-class terrain, incredible gaming, the Food, the on-site amenities, the camaraderie, and …the food?! Join our ranks for breakfast each morning as early as 7 am, and bid us farewell each evening around midnight. We’re excited to have you in our Corps. (Ticket is for 1 person)

Price : $795 USD per person

Barracks (Special Forces) - ***Very Limited Availability- Inquire Immediately if Interested***

Have your own Elite Special Forces squadron coming? Take advantage of one of our BARRACKS GROUP SPECIALS - and Save a total of $1500 -$1900 off the individual ticket rates!

Price : Valued at $6200 USD and $4200 USD Lg. Barracks $4680 USD / Sm. Barracks $2880 USD

Battle Haven terms and conditions.