What is BattleHaven?

BattleHaven is THE world-class gaming retreat.

As hobbyists we have all traveled thousands of miles to tournaments and cons to experience and express our favorite pastime. After staying in mediocre to moderate hotels, eating overpriced and unexciting food, experiencing minimal comfort, crowded cities, long lines, poor public hygiene, and often poor sportsmanship…. We imagined that there must be a better, grander and more affordable way.  Since 2009 we have built, re-built, learned, made connections, and grown. We’re now offering you the pinnacle of events.

At BattleHaven you’ll enjoy:

  • 4 days and 4  nights, immersed in a premier experience within your favorite hobby
  • Custom high-end gaming terrain in various themes—perfect for your miniatures army to conquer.
  • Exciting new offerings, and old favorites, of board and card games to play casually or master.
  • Quality opponents, in many skill levels
  • Great sportsmanship and hygiene – a must!
  • Guru’s, professionals, enthusiasts and masters on hand to enhance the gaming experience, with:
    • Instruction available for learning a new game
    • Pointers and practice to increase your current skill level
    • Skilled opponents to test your limits, and gain you more bragging rights
    • How-to demonstrations that may include painting, assembly, building your army lists, etc.
  • A complimentary 24-hour self-service repair station for miniatures
  • All meals provided by our own Gourmet Chef and team
    • A variety of full hot breakfasts, incredible lunches, themed dinners and mouth-watering desserts. A full Culinary Experience.
    • Delicious snacks and beverages served periodically throughout each day
  • On-site activities:
    • Full-size heated Pool and Spa
    • 15 seat Theater Room
    • Comfortable media areas with flat screens
    • Wood and Gas fire pits
    • Outdoor relaxation on the many large deck areas
    • Private Lake, with boating, sandy beach and floating island dock.
    • Sand volleyball court
    • Basketball half-court
    • Game room with billiards, ping pong, etc.
  • Area, off-site activities available (see a partial list under ‘Venue’, and contact us for details and to make arrangements)
  • Group and/or Private Rooms, so you can tailor your own experience if you are staying on-site.
  • ‘Reserves’ passes – for day attendees who choose to stay off-site.
  • Affordable, all-inclusive packages to fit you and your budget (with payment plan options)
  • A team of experienced hosts who LOVE this hobby, and will be there with you through the whole event

….and more.

Owner and Host:


cropped image -sarah

I grew up on the east coast, Georgia, Tennessee and New York. I’ve lived in Utah for 26 years now. My husband and I came here to start a few restaurants, and never left. It turns out we love this state. We have 6 amazing kids: ages 11 to 26, 1 awesome son-in-law, 1 perfect grandson, and a granddaughter on the way.
I work in print marketing, but I’m always an entrepreneur at heart. I’ve spent several years in the hospitality and events industry, and my favorite activities are: bringing people together with great experiences, and building solid and enduring relationships and organizations. Through BattleHaven I enjoy them all!
I managed a well-known miniatures painting studio for 5 years, and created the original Valhalla as part of the HollingsGate event company. I loved meeting so many great people and all the experiences I had during that time.
All my favorite games involve strategy and luck. With miniatures, I get to add the element of art – painting figures and building terrain.
I’ve enjoyed working and playing with the best of the best, as the creative and practical process for BattleHaven has been coming together over the last several years. I look forward to renewing old friendships and creating new at the each BattleHaven event!

We have a great team of collaborators, volunteers, and hosts.



Hello! I grew up in Orem Utah, and spent a lot of time in the deserts and mountains of this beautiful state. My first experience with miniatures was building WW2 model tanks, ships, and aircraft with my grandfather, who served in the Pacific, and my father.

Since the age of 5, I’ve been smitten with small plastic and metal toys. My first experience with wargames was at my friend’s house in 5th grade. He had the 2nd edition 40k boxed set, and we used to set that up on his living room floor and supplement the models with green and tan army men.

From very early on, I’ve loved playing all sorts of games, be they board, card, miniature, roleplaying, or some form of computer or console. Occasionally, I also enjoy physical games, like traditional sports and firearms competitions. If you can get me to play it once, I’ll probably really like whatever it is.

My normal job is as a photographer and media expert for an education company, 3 Key Elements. I’m also trained as a teacher, and I love opportunities to teach and to create art in any way possible.

My favorite part of Valhalla in the past, and now BattleHaven, is meeting all the wonderful people who came out to the events. You guys are amazing!!! No matter where we come from, or what our backgrounds, games bring us together and help to form lasting friendships. I also really like giving demos of some of the games I like best, like Infinity and Dropzone Commander.

As for specific games I play… like I said earlier, if it exists I’ve probably played it at least once, and probably have at least one book or set of figures associated with it. I got started with Games Workshop games and Decipher Inc’s Star Wars and Star Trek CCG’s. From there I collected everything I could get my hands on. My recent crush is FFG’s Star Wars titles, mainly X-Wing and Imperial Assault.

I can’t wait to see you all at BattleHaven, and I hope I get to play at least one game with you there!



Andrew is our BattleHaven Chef, with many years of experience in the Fine Art of Food.

Andy creates amazing meals, and an awesome atmosphere at BattleHaven. He’s an instant friend and immediate favorite of all our guests. We have loved collaborating with Andy. He takes a very active role in planning and carrying out BattleHaven, and is very enthusiastic about this event.

Andy also loves to play games, when he can spare some time from catering to everyone.

He’s a strong member of our team, and a significant part of our success.

More faces to come!